Starbucks to launch new lunch menu

Starbucks herb chicken and fig sandwich

Starbucks Mercato will cater to a variety of dietary lifestyles.

Taking on off-flavor issues in plant proteins

Efforts to improve taste revolve around R.&D., growing practices and partnerships.

Three trends affecting future of grocery retailing

Retailers turn to e-commerce, contactless payment options and smaller store formats.

U.S. honey production up 3% from 2015

Colony numbers highest since 1994.

PepsiCo pulls some products over Philadelphia beverage tax

PepsiCo earlier laid off about 100 distribution workers.

Coca-Cola transforms leadership team

The changes are part of Coca-Cola’s broader strategy to become a leaner and more agile organization.

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Interest in stevia and rebaudioside A is high as food and beverage manufacturers seek out ingredients that are perceived as natural by consumers.
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