Just Date Syrup

Up to date

As more consumers seek natural sources of sweetness, dates are rising to the occasion as a nutritious, lower-glycemic substitute for sugar. At the Winter Fancy Food Show, Spice Mama is introducing Just Date Syrup, made from 100% organic medjool dates. The syrup may be used to sweeten coffee or tea, in baked foods and as a replacement for sugar, honey, maple syrup or agave, according to the company.

Muffin Revolution

Muffin Revolution uses dates to sweeten its paleo-friendly muffins, available in such flavors as chocolate cherry chia, banana blueberry coconut and banana coconut spirulina.

The New Primal Date and Rosemary Chicken Jerky

Dates add sweetness and binding to a date and rosemary free-range chicken jerky from The New Primal.

“Date seems to be standing out amongst alternative sweeteners,” Ms. Purcell said.