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KANSAS CITY — Flavor fusions are flourishing in new product launches as C.P.G. companies launch offerings that contain multiple options within one product.

The Kellogg Co. is packing two Pop-Tarts flavors into one with its new Pop-Tarts Splitz. The toaster pastries feature two flavors side-by-side in one tart and come in two varieties: Frosted Strawberry & Drizzled Cheesecake and Drizzled Sugar Cookie & Frosted Brownie Batter. The new flavor combinations also mark the first time that Drizzled Cheesecake and Frosted Brownie Batter have joined the Pop-Tarts portfolio.

“At Pop-Tarts, we love to give fans the varieties and flavors they love most, so we’re excited to introduce all-new tarts with two crazy good flavors side by side,” said Angela Gusse, director of marketing for Pop-Tarts.

Unilever P.L.C.’s Breyers ice cream brand is launching a new line of dessert duos. Breyers 2in1 features two cookies or two candies swirled together with two ice cream flavors.

Breyers 2in1 Reese's ice creamThe Oreo Chips Ahoy! variety features vanilla ice cream loaded with Oreo cookie pieces swirled with caramel ice cream and pieces of Chips Ahoy! cookies.

The Reese’s Reese’s Pieces variety contains peanut butter ice cream with pieces of Reese’s peanut butter cups swirled with chocolate ice cream and Reese’s Pieces candies.

The Snickers M&M’s ice cream includes caramel ice cream with pieces of Snickers candy bars swirled with chocolate ice cream and M&M’s Minis candies.

The Heath Waffle Cone flavor features vanilla ice cream loaded with Heath toffee pieces swirled together with chocolate ice cream and fudge-covered waffle cone pieces.

“We know every sweet tooth is different and choosing is hard, so we wanted to give our fans the best of both worlds — two favorite treats in one,” said Russel Lilly, marketing director of Breyers. “We’re excited to team up with these favorite candy and cookie brands. It’s a dessert that’s fun and everyone can agree on.”

Turkey Hill Dairy is introducing Trio-politan ice creams, each featuring a blend of three flavors.

Triple Chocolate Trio-politan is a combination of milk chocolate ice cream with a fudge swirl, dark chocolate ice cream and chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips.

Turkey Hill Tripolitan American Dream ice creamAmerican Dream Trio-politan features blueberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream with a strawberry swirl and strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips.

Coco Loco Trio-politan is a sequence of caramel ice cream, coconut ice cream with a toasted coconut swirl and chocolate ice cream.

Mint Cookie Trio-politan is a medley of vanilla ice cream with a chocolate cookie swirl, dark chocolate ice cream and mint ice cream with chocolate cookie pieces.

All Natural Chocolate Raspberry Bliss Trio-politan features vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream and raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips.

“Trio’politan is about having choices and having fun,” said John Cox, president of Turkey Hill. “The flavors were chosen based on their ability to complement each other but also be strong enough to stand on their own for ice cream lovers who might ‘selectively scoop’ to get the flavor they really want.”

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