KANSAS CITY — Fruit inclusions and fruit flavors are finding their way into several new products.

Hormel Foods Corp. is pairing peanut butter with fruit in its new Skippy P.B. Fruit Bites. The poppable snacks feature dried fruit bites coated with Skippy peanut butter. Varieties include strawberry-flavored dried cranberry and dried grape.

General Mills, Inc. is fusing fruit flavors and spicy sensations in its new Fruit Gushers and Fruit by the Foot varieties. New Sweet & Fiery Fruit Gushers contain 90 calories per pouch and come in hot mango, fiery peach and spicy watermelon flavors. Sweet & Fiery Fruit by the Foot contains 80 calories per roll and comes in fiery peach and spicy watermelon flavors.

Fruit is featured in several aspects of PepsiCo, Inc.’s new Quaker Morning Go-Kits, featuring Quaker breakfast flats paired with Greek yogurt and trail mix.

The cranberry almond Breakfast Flats variety comes with a berry almond trail mix and strawberry Greek nonfat yogurt. The banana honey nut Breakfast Flats kit includes raisin, nut and seed trail mix and vanilla Greek nonfat yogurt. The blueberry nut Breakfast Flats kit contains walnut peach apple trail mix and blueberry Greek nonfat yogurt.

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