KANSAS CITY — Food manufacturers are offering consumers quicker ways to prepare meals packed with plant-based protein by launching heat-and-eat meals and meal starters.

Pinnacle Foods’ Gardein Brand is introducing plant-based Single Serve Bowls, made with vegan, non-G.M.O. ingredients. The lineup includes four dishes: Italian Saus’age & Pasta Bowl, Chick’n Fajita Bowl, Orange Beefless Bowl and Teriyaki Chick’n Bowl.

"Gardein makes food for everyone and every diet — vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian and anything in between," said Clint Mickel, director of marketing for Pinnacle Foods’ Boulder Brands division. "Regardless of your reason for going meatless, Gardein wants to make sure you don't miss out on a single thing, and we are excited to expand our product offering with high-quality, great-tasting Single Serve Bowls that offer the same great texture and taste as real meat."

Atlantic Natural Foods, L.L.C. is launching shelf-stable plant protein-based meals and meal starters under the Loma Linda brand. The Plant-Based Protein Meal Solutions include Spicy Pad Thai, Thai Green Curry, Tikka Masala, Chipotle Bowl, Mediterranean Tomato & Olive Pasta, Hearty Stew and Loma Linda Thai Green Curry, Atlantic Natural FoodsSouthwest Chunky Stew. Each dish is non-G.M.O. and contains up to 9 grams of protein per serving. The Plant-Based Meal Starters range consists of Taco Filling, Sloppy Joe and Chorizo. Each is non-G.M.O., gluten-free and offers up to 6 grams of protein per serving.

"Health and sustainability are critical components in a world where today's shoppers are not only well aware of the benefits of plant-based proteins but also embracing them as part of a healthy lifestyle," said Doug Hines, founder of Atlantic Natural Foods. "As we look to the future of the planet, and the strain on the food system that will dominate the future, it has become imperative that we create products that will make a difference for future generations. We have to gear up to feed 9 billion people worldwide in the next few years."

Cedarlane Foods is adding four new Simply Plant Powered dishes and two new Plant Protein Salads to its plant-based portfolio. The Simply Plant Powered dishes include Ranchero Tofu Scramble, Creamed Spinach and Kale with Swiss Chard, Butternut Squash & Pumpkin Mac & Cheeze, and Penne Alfredo with Peas & Cheeze. The Plant Protein Salads include tofu-based No Egg Salad and No Tuna Salad.

“As veterans in providing consumers with easy, convenient and, most importantly, clean food options for nearly four decades, we know our health-conscious consumers are always looking for new products that not only taste great, but provide unparalleled nutritional benefits,” said Robert Atallah, founder and chief executive officer of Cedarlane Foods “We’ve been championing the importance of a diet rich in vegetables since our founding and are proud to continue providing families and individuals with a diverse new variety of delicious, nourishing options you can prepare in just minutes.”

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