MARINA DEL REY, CALIF. — Axiom Foods has introduced Cannatein, a hemp protein ingredient, and Vegotein N, a pea protein ingredient. Because of the ingredients’ neutral taste, flavor-masking agents are not needed in applications containing the ingredients, according to Marina Del Rey-based Axiom Foods.

Cannatein works in applications for bars, crunchy snacks, crunchy cereal, baked foods, beverages, yogurts, essential oils, fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins. Cannatein is 58% protein, and Axiom Foods is working on developing Cannatein at 80% protein. Cannatein, fractioned from hemp hearts, provides a light color and shelf life of two years. It is suspendable, dispersible and digestible while containing vitamins and minerals. Axiom Foods is working on achieving Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status for Cannatein.

Vegotein N, which is 80% protein, works in applications such as meat analogues and extensions for patties, hot dogs, meatballs and allergen-friendly foods. The ingredient is produced from yellow peas grown in North America. It contains iron, lysine and arginine. Vegotein N may be blended with rice protein for a more complete protein ingredient. It has a high viscosity and other benefits in gelation, emulsion-stable and water-holding capacity. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration in a letter to Axiom Foods said it had no questions about the GRAS status of the pea protein concentrate.

“Hemp, though trendiest among consumers, has presented massive flavor, color and shelf life problems for formulators,” said Rick Ray, food scientist for Axiom Foods. “Oddly enough, peas, though a more established and understood plant by end-consumers, is still undergoing an education process, but formulators have loved its qualities for about seven to eight years now. Both neutral-flavored ingredients will revolutionize this industry and allow the biggest food players to have enough plant protein to satisfy their consumer demands for end-product.”