KANSAS CITY — Coffee innovation is brewing in new product launches, ranging from traditional beverage applications to less familiar formats like maple syrup.

Coffee and cocoa collide in new Swiss Miss Café Blends from Conagra Brands, Inc. Made with premium imported cocoa and espresso coffee, the drink mixes come in two varieties: caramel macchiato and mocha. Swiss Miss Café Blends contain half the caffeine of one 8-oz cup of brewed coffee and may be made by mixing into hot water or milk.

“We’re happy to introduce a new Swiss Miss cocoa that provides the perfect way to get through the afternoon slump,” said Erik Sword, senior brand manager of sweet treats at Conagra Brands. “We know people are looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, and cocoa is a key part of afternoon snacking. With Swiss Miss Café Blends, we now offer a hot cocoa option that provides a boost without too much caffeine.”

New from Starbucks Corp. is Starbucks Pairings, a new line of at-home coffee products designed to pair with specific foods and flavor profiles. Available in both K-Cup and ground coffee formats, Starbucks Pairings come in three blends.

The Sweet Mornings Blend is a medium roast coffee that features flavors of dusted cocoa and dried fruit. The coffee was designed to pair with pastries, yogurt, cereal and other sweet breakfast foods.

The Savory Mornings Blend is a medium roast coffee that is smooth with hints of fresh herbs. It was crafted to pair with omelets, bacon, avocado toast and other savory breakfast items.

The Dessert Blend is a medium roast coffee that delivers notes of candied ginger and orange zest. The coffee was created to pair with chocolate, cheesecake, fruit pies and other desserts.

“Starbucks Pairings were thoughtfully crafted to pair with your favorite breakfast foods,” Starbucks said. “Each blend features unique tasting notes on its own; when paired with food, each unlocks a world of deeper flavor.”

Runamok Maple is meshing maple syrup with coffee in its new Coffee Infused Maple Syrup. Made with organic coffee beans from Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea Co., the U.S.D.A. Certified organic maple syrup contains 210 calories per 4-tbsp serving.

“Our Coffee Infused Maple Syrup is the perfect pairing of two bold flavors,” Runamok said. “Combining the caramel sweetness of maple with coffee’s nuanced chocolate and almond, we’ve created a flavor entirely different from all others.  Use it on your morning waffles, make the ultimate coffee-milk or drizzle it over vanilla ice cream.”

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