BOSTON — Grillo’s Pickles has launched new packaging for its hot dill spears, classic dill spears, dill chips and sandwich makers. The lineup of 12-oz and 16-oz stackable containers will be available nationwide at retailers including Walmart, Price Chopper and Sprouts.

Grillo’s Pickles said the packaging was designed to save refrigerator space and provide a smaller ounce weight for more attractive retail pricing. Unlike typical round jars, the laydown shape of the new containers allows pickles to stay fresh longer by remaining fully submerged in the brine, according to the company.

 “Our new fresh packs prove that Grillo's is continuing to push the pickle industry and evolve within the space,” said Travis Grillo, founder and chief executive officers at Grillo's Pickles. “We view ourselves as trendsetters, and we're dedicated to offering an item with our unmatched flavor, crunchy texture and convenient size, all for the right price.”

The company, which started out of a street cart in 2008, has become a major player in the refrigerated pickle category for its simple recipe of cucumbers, salt, dill, water, grape leaves and vinegar.