OLEN, BELGIUM — Taura Natural Ingredients plans to launch Jus Fruit Fibre+ at Food Ingredients Europe (Fi Europe) scheduled for Dec. 3-5 in Paris. The fruit ingredients deliver fiber benefits without compromising on taste or texture, according to the company.  Products with more than 20 grams of fiber per 100-gram serving may be created with Jus Fruit Fibre+, which is available as a standalone pack, a paste or an inclusion that may be used in snacks.

Taura’s URC (Ultra Rapid Concentration) process creates the ingredients, which may contain up to 15% less sugar than other fruit inclusions. Other benefits include moisture migration control, flexible formulations and easy line extensions.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of the many health benefits offered by fiber, but there is a big gap between recommended intake and actual intake,” said Els Vandenberghe, research and development manager at Taura EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). “This means high-fiber will continue to be an important claim, particularly in the healthy snacking sector. The Jus Fruit Fibre+ range is perfect for manufacturers who are committed to healthy and responsible snacking and want to offer high-fiber products without compromising on taste or texture.