HOERSHOLM, DENMARK — Chr. Hansen Holding A/S is putting its Food Cultures & Enzymes segment and its Health & Nutrition segment at the center of its new 2025 strategy, the Hoersholm-based company said while unveiling the new strategy Aug. 24. Chr. Hansen’s ambition is to create a bioscience company focused on its microbial and fermentation technology platforms.

Chr. Hansen has begun a strategic review of its Natural Colors division because its synergies with the microbial platform are limited. The company’s long-term financial goal is mid- to high single-digit organic growth.

“Chr. Hansen has undertaken a tremendous journey since its start as an ingredient supplier to the dairy industry, and I feel very proud to lead a company with such a strong purpose and so many exciting growth prospects,” said Mauricio Graber, chief executive officer.

Chr. Hansen has identified four areas to set the framework for growth: reinvest, leverage, extend and review.

Chr. Hansen will reinvest in core platforms, including Food Cultures & Enzymes, Animal and Human Health.

The company will leverage its microbial platform in new areas and “lighthouses,” which are new business areas of strategic importance with minimum revenue potential of €100 million per year and above group growth rates.  The current lighthouses are a culture range that prevents spoilage, reduces food waste and increases safety of dairy and other foods; fermentation systems for spoon-able and drinkable fermented milk alternatives and fermented beverages; crop protection systems; and Bacthera , a joint venture with Lonza AG in contract manufacturing for live biotherapeutics.

“Each of the four lighthouses holds tremendous potential,” Mr. Graber said. “We are breaking new ground, and I am truly excited about the journey that lies ahead of us when it comes to fighting food waste, shaping the future of food and contributing to sustainable farming and the development of pharmaceuticals based on bacteria.”

Chr. Hansen plans to extend its microbial platform through mergers and acquisitions and R&D partnership. Recent examples are the acquisitions of HSO Health Care and UAS Laboratories.

Finally, Chr. Hansen will review strategic options for its non-microbial assets, which includes the Natural Colors division.

“Whilst the division shares the company’s overall purpose and standalone offers an attractive return profile, synergies with the microbial platform are limited,” Chr. Hansen said of Natural Colors.