LOS ANGELES — The Real Coconut Products Co., a provider of plant-based, gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free foods, has rebranded to Sana Foods, a name the company said better reflects its commitment to making globally-minded, plant-focused food more accessible and furthers its mission of creating sustainably grown products that nourish and heal.

The name Sana is a derivation of Sanará — one of its sister companies, a wellness-forward hotel and kitchen in Tulum, Mexico, run by company founder Daniella Hunter. Sanará, which means to heal or regain health in Spanish, “embodies the brand's ethos of putting health and wellness first by choosing clean, organic ingredients that are easy to digest and sourcing those ingredients through a conscious supply chain,” the company said.

The company’s products are all coconut-based, but Sana expects that to change as it evolves beyond coconut as a base for future products.

“Four years ago when we began offering this new approach to packaged food, we could only hope we would make a global impact,” said Daniella Hunter, founder of Real Coconut Kitchen and Sana. “Global food demand is increasing at an alarming rate, and we must achieve a sustainable food future that meets these demands while also preserving and restoring land. We are humbled that so many people are awakening to this new reality and demanding more sustainable food options. Sana is the next step on this journey, and we can't wait to take everyone with us.”

Sana said the name change is being accompanied by a new logo and new packaging. Sana's logo is bright with the packaging dressed in an array of pinks, greens and blues, colors the company hopes will create more shelf appeal and get consumers thinking about plant-based foods in a more mainstream way.

“Over the last few years we have learned that 1 in 3 Americans said they want to reduce or eliminate gluten consumption, 82% of US households buy organic-certified foods, and ‘grain-free’ was the fastest growing wellness claim,” said Camille Gibson, chief executive officer of Sana Foods. “Sana checks all of these boxes and has quickly advanced from an entry-level one-category food company to a rapidly growing organization. The rebrand was an obvious next step to embrace our forward momentum and make a larger impact on people's health and the planet.”