SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. — RiceBran Technologies has launched Proryza, a family of ingredients based on rice bran protein. To create the ingredients, the Scottsdale-based company co-developed technologies to extract and concentrate vegetable protein from rice bran.

RiceBran Technologies will produce the ingredients at its Dillon, Mont., facility using methods that require minimal processing and no use of solvents, acids or bases. Products commercialized under the Proryza brand will be gluten-free and non-bioengineered.

The line’s first ingredient, Proryza P-35, is a 35% water-dispersible rice bran protein extract that is suitable for beverage applications. A second ingredient, Proryza PF-20/25, will follow. It is a 20% rice bran protein and 50% insoluble rice bran dietary fiber product that initially will be targeted to the natural health food industry.

“Our rice bran protein products provide natural, allergen-free options for enriching foods and beverages with a high quality vegetable protein with superior flavor and nutritional profiles,” said Robert Smith, Ph.D., senior vice-president – business development at RiceBran Technologies, previously known as NutraCea.