BOUCHERVILLE, QUE. — Bridor, a global company specializing in bread and pastries owned by Groupe Le Duff, is expanding its specialty food portfolio with the launch of a new bread line.

Created in partnership with Chef Sébastien Canonne, founder of the French Pastry School in Chicago and a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF), the Boulangerie Cuisinée concept combines the three arts of gastronomy and nourishing ingredients in five Pains Cuisinés that engage all five senses. With this locally created product line, Bridor looks to satisfy the growing desire for healthier foods and new tastes, textures and flavor combinations. Pains Cuisinés are the first product line under the Boulangerie Cuisinée brand.

The brand’s recipes are vegan and clean with a short list of simple ingredients and no artificial colorants, additives or preservatives. The combination of ingredients—including superfoods like spinach, flax seed and garlic — and refined French processes that do not degrade the color or olfactory sensation of the bread come together for strongly appealing products with truly enriching tastes.

Each of the five Pains Cuisinés is inspired by different global cuisines. The three main signature flavors of each recipe clearly define the unique taste, texture and smell of the bread, including:

  • Spinach, roasted garlic, and turmeric bread — inspired by European and Indian flavors
  • Red beets, oat groats, and onion bread — inspired by Nordic European flavors
  • Sweet potatoes, curry, and flax seeds bread — inspired by Indian flavors
  • Olives, hazelnuts, and yuzu bread — inspired by Mediterranean and Asian flavors
  • Purple carrots, celery root, and sesame seeds — inspired by Asian and Scandinavian flavors

“Since the day I partnered with Bridor to bring the idea of this unique Boulangerie Cuisinée concept to life, we put our heart and soul into crafting this first innovative and inspiring bread product line, the Pains Cuisinés,” Chef Canonne said. “Driven by our common passion to give a new meaning, purpose and use to breads and all its applications, it took us years of hard work and dedication to create these bold flavors, thin crust, and soft crumb balanced recipes — each one inspired by a different ethnic cuisine, always following the same aim to delight all five senses for the creation of truly memorable dining moments with every bite. We are beyond excited to now be able to offer these breads and hope you will share our enthusiasm as soon as you will be able to break, smell and taste our Pains Cuisinés.”

The product line is tailored for high end restaurants, cafes, catering companies, hotels, cruise lines, specialty retailers and deli stores.