TRALEE, IRELAND — Botanical extracts generate several emotions with consumers, including energy, excitement, creativity and fun, according to new consumer research from Kerry. 

The company examined the psychology behind botanical preferences and found botanical ingredients connect with consumers on a highly positive level beyond flavor and taste. Consumers also think about botanicals as being energetic, interesting, useful, trustworthy and safe. As an example, Kerry found a beverage with guarana, ginseng and ginger may carry a similar connotation of “energy” as a coffee or energy drink, while ingredients such as saffron, bergamot and honey are considered premium.

“Formulating with botanicals can certainly win consumer hearts, especially by using top appealing flavors such as mint, honey and cinnamon,” said Leigh-Anne Vaughan, global taste marketing director at Kerry. “Manufacturers should emphasize the link between botanical flavor, their corresponding emotions and health benefits they evoke to create flavors that meet consumers’ daypart and occasion needs.”