WASHINGTON — Snack startup Hummii is launching a healthier take on a childhood staple. Inspired by Entenmann’s Little Bites, Hummii Mini Muffins are grain-free and plant-based with no added sugar.

Tyler Phillips, founder and chief executive officer of Hummii, teamed with Michelin-starred pastry chef Bethany Costello to develop the recipes, which include chickpea flour, golden flaxseeds, prebiotic fiber and monk fruit extract. The company partnered with Outcast Foods to source upcycled fruit powders. Flavors include blueberry, banana bread and double chocolate, which contains black beans.

Hummii created a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in late August to support the launch. Mr. Phillips hoped to raise $15,000 to introduce additional flavors, expand production and develop new products.

The name Hummii is a portmanteau of “healthy” and “yummy” as well as a nod to the brand’s origins as a frozen dessert formulated with a base similar to hummus. Mr. Phillips whipped up the creamy concoction early last year while living in Puerto Rico.

“Coming back after some hot runs I was craving a frozen dessert,” he said. “At the time I was on a plant-based diet and had removed added sugars as well. …There was nothing in that scope at any grocery store on an island like Puerto Rico. I scoured the internet and found this interesting recipe...”

After sharing batches with friends, family and the local fitness community, he decided to commercialize the concept. He partnered with Union Kitchen Food Accelerator and several universities to perfect the product offering and launched a line of plant-powered pops in a handful of stores this past January.

“That was going well, but we learned lots of things along the way,” Mr. Phillips said. “It was difficult to tap into the direct-to-consumer market with a frozen good… We had plenty of ideas and inspiration, and one was to reimagine Entenmann’s Little Bites. That was one of the snacks we consumed probably on a daily basis in our mom’s minivan.”

Looking ahead, Mr. Phillips plans to add limited-edition and seasonal flavors to the lineup, as well as other snacks incorporating chickpeas.