MALMÖ, SWEDEN – AAK has introduced Akomel, a range of fats for chocolate and confectionery manufacturers who formulate with caramel. Non-hydrogenated and low-saturated fat options are available. 

AAK cited Euromonitor International showing that from 2020 to 2023 caramel sales will increase by 5% while caramel volume will increase by 2.5%, indicating caramel has established itself as a premium category.

“Generally, we are seeing a movement toward more sophisticated, adult-oriented sweets that consumers would want to give as a gift on a special occasion,” said Luis Parra, global business director chocolate and confectionery fats at Malmö-based AAK. “With its luxurious mouthfeel and rich taste, caramel delivers an indulgent experience that’s in tune with this. Akomel solutions are tailored vegetable fats and therefore a particularly good choice when developing caramel products for the growing premium market, where high-quality ingredients and cleaner formulations are key drivers.”

The fat content in caramel typically is 5% to 15%, and it plays a role in flavor, mouthfeel and texture, according to AAK. Caramel must be stable enough to retain its shape at room temperature and ensure it does not stick to packaging.