NEW YORK — Willa’s Kitchen has partnered with Raaka Chocolate to introduce a co-branded organic dark chocolate oat milk formulated with single-origin, sustainably produced Peruvian cacao.  

Willa’s unique milling approach uses the entire oat, resulting in more protein, fiber and nutrients and less sugar than other oat milk brands. The dark chocolate oat milk contains only filtered water, organic whole grain oats, organic maple sugar, organic cacao powder, organic vanilla extract and sea salt. The combination of cacao and maple creates a “bright, brownie-like flavor,” according to the company.

Willa’s Kitchen was co-founded by sisters Christina Dorr Drake and Elena Dorr Zienda, based on a grandmother’s recipe for oat milk. Both have prior experience in the food industry; Ms. Dorr Drake specializes in marketing, and Ms. Zienda has a background in chemical engineering.

The cacao used for the product was sourced from a collection of cooperatives in and around Tarapoto, San Martin, Peru. Raaka paid above fair trade prices for the cacao powder, which was produced without an alkalizing agent to preserve the flavor, color and nutrients, according to the company.

“When we set out to make a chocolate oat milk, we knew we had to do it with someone as passionate about chocolate as we’re passionate about oats,” Ms. Dorr Drake said. “That’s why we partnered up with our friends at Raaka to create Willa’s Dark Chocolate Oat Milk. Raaka’s single-source dark chocolate cacao together with our rich and creamy oat milk mean that a glass full of chocolate indulgence or an extraordinary mocha or hot chocolate awaits.”

Willa’s Raaka Dark Chocolate Oat Milk is available for pre-sale at