CAMBRIDGE, MASS. — Alchemy Peppers announced the launch of its new sauce line, Hopp Sauces, made “for and by beer lovers,” according to the company.

The sauces, which are produced with real hops, range from 3,000 to 45,000 Scoville heat units (SHU), and are made with natural fruits and vegetables.

“We started off with a simple, spicy mission — to reveal the possibility of peppers in all their full-flavored, nourishing, and unexpected glory,” said George Altshuler, founder of Alchemy Peppers. “Through our pepper alchemy, we are building an inventive product line to fully harness the flavor, nutrition and magic of the pepper. We created these Hopp sauces to share with consumers a new way to enjoy peppers — perfectly paired with hops.” 

Hopps Sauces are available in three flavors: Fresno peppers and Simcoe hops, jalapeño peppers and Citra hops, and scotch bonnet and mosaic hops. The product is currently available on the company’s website and comes in a 5-oz bottle for a suggested retail price of $12.95 or in a three-pack bundle for a suggested retail price of $38.85.