COLLEGEDALE, TENN. — McKee Foods Corp. is expanding its Zebra brand into the donuts category with the debut of Little Debbie Zebra Mini Donuts.

The mini donuts consist of yellow cake donuts covered in vanilla frosting and finished with a wave of fudge stripes. The products are available in a grab-and-go resealable bags at a suggested retail price of $2.19.

“When you go into a donut shop in your neighborhood, you expect to see a wide variety of choices,” said Hannah Stoker, the McKee food scientist responsible for developing the new mini donuts. “Some of the ones that always stand out are the donuts with stripes. The Little Debbie brand knows a thing or two about stripes, so it only made sense to develop Zebra Mini Donuts.”

Other varieties in the Mini Donuts lineup include fudge round, strawberry shortcake, powdered, frosted and glazed.