LOS ANGELES — Dairy-free dessert maker Klimon announced the launch of five of its plant-based frozen dessert pints at select Walmart locations.

The dessert pints use an almond-based blend, which ensures a creamy, ice cream-like texture, according to the company.

The five flavors available at Walmart are:

  • Morning brew: a coffee-flavored frozen dessert containing almonds and a fudge swirl.
  • Caramel brûlée: salted caramel-flavored frozen dessert containing chocolate cookie crumbs and a caramelized sugar swirl.
  • Cherry bomb: cherry-flavored frozen dessert with Bordeaux cherry chunks and a cherry swirl.
  • Mint condition: mint-flavored frozen dessert containing mini chocolate chips and a fudge swirl.
  • Sunrise bang: orange-flavored frozen dessert with a cream-flavored swirl.
“We are so proud to be partnering with Walmart for the launch of our brand, and to continue to leave our mark on the plant-based food revolution,” said Alex Cotraviwat, chief executive officer of Klimon and founder of Jaback Group, the developer of the Klimon brand.