ZAGREB, CROATIA – Nutris Group has opened a facility to produce plant-based ingredients from fava beans and potatoes in Novi Senkovac, Croatia, through a €30 million ($31.7 million) investment., a business segment of Nutris Group, produces protein isolates, starch and fiber from fava beans and potatoes and supplies food industries in North America, the European Union and Asia.

“I am proud of the fact that Nutris Group was the first to implement the groundbreaking process and green technology for the production of the premium ingredients from fava beans, which will become a central source of energy in the food of the future, and first one to build the only European hybrid factory,” said Zvonimir Sedlić, founder of Nutris Group and president of the management board. “The factory will utilize the latest technology to manufacture high-quality plant-origin ingredients, with emphasis on proteins.”

The investment is a joint venture with SiccaDania, a company based in Denmark that provides engineering systems for the plant-based industry. and SiccaDania tested technology developed by the University of Copenhagen that will be used in manufacturing at the facility. The investment is part of a larger investment cycle that includes expanding facilities until 2025. aims to reach a production capacity of 70,000 tonnes of food ingredients by 2025.