WASHINGTON — Gourmet sauce-maker Bushwick Kitchen has added raw honeycomb to its portfolio.

Following the launch of its pancake and waffle mix, the honeycomb is the latest non-sauce product released by the company.

Each 7-oz container features raw acacia honey, which has a “mildly sweet flavor,” according to the company.

"At Bushwick Kitchen, we believe food can taste extraordinary in its simplicity,” said Daniel Doll, chief executive officer of the company. “It all begins with beautiful ingredients. And what is more simple and pure than 100% raw honeycomb? It was a natural fit."

While the whole honeycomb is edible, the company recommends it as a topping for pancakes, a spread for baked goods, cocktail garnish, among other uses.

The honeycomb is available direct-to-consumer at bushwickkitchen.com or on Amazon for a suggested retail price of $14.99.