AUSTIN, TEXAS — Pod Foods, a distribution services provider, is launching a financing tool for emerging brands seeking access to easy and affordable capital.

Pod Foods Capital will offer data-driven, customized financial products, including a line of credit and term loans, to bolster small businesses and enable growth amidst economic turbulence, according to the company.

“As demand for emerging brands grows across national retail chains, supply chain issues along with a recession on the way pose a significant challenge to brands trying to keep up with the demand,” said Fiona Lee, co-founder and chief product officer of Pod Foods. “Pod Foods Capital is a way for our brands to seize the opportunities that enable their growth. The need for targeted financing solutions is going to be higher than ever, and we are looking forward to playing a major part in the success of the brands who partner with us.”

Founded in 2017, Pod Foods is the developer of a business-to-business wholesale marketplace that connects food entrepreneurs with grocery buyers. Retailers and brand owners benefit from real-time data and analytics, streamlined logistics and an easy-to-use dashboard for managing orders and inventory. Pod Foods Capital is an extension of the platform, providing cash flow based on a brand’s eligibility.

“By leveraging our data to offer customizable plans that help us meet brands where they are regarding their financial needs, it allows us to truly work as partners in their growth plan, rather than just as a distribution vendor,” said Tim Wee, chief technology officer. “As a full-service distribution platform with real-time information, we're uniquely positioned to offer intelligent cash flow solutions versus other providers.”

Brands featured in Pod Foods’ catalog include ChipMonk Baking, Toodaloo, Moonshot Snacks, Raaka Chocolate and more.

“The brands that we work with are all in different stages of growth, so we knew when building this solution that a one-sized-fits-all financial product wouldn't be optimal,” said Larissa Russell, co-founder and chief executive officer of Pod Foods.