FAIRFIELD, NJ. — A&B Ingredients is expanding its line of plant-based solutions with Texta Feve textured fava bean proteins. The clean-tasting proteins were presented at IFT FIRST, the Institute of Food Technologist’s annual meeting, held last month in Chicago.

The textured fava bean protein portfolio is well-suited for use in meat analogs and plant-based foods. The proteins offer high water-binding capacity and improved process tolerance, providing an enhanced meat-patty structure in plant-based burgers, according to the company. They are allergen-free and may serve as an alternative to soy and wheat protein products.

“The new textured fava bean proteins add to our comprehensive portfolio of plant protein ingredients and offer our customers an excellent solution for texturizing plant-based meats,” said Gil Bakal, managing director at A&B Ingredients. “Fava beans have a cleaner taste with no lingering legume aftertaste compared to alternatives. This makes Texta Feve a superior product that can be used to create better-tasting products with meat-like texture and improved bite.”

A&B also launched a new solution for replacing synthetic antioxidant TBHQ in vegetable oil. Marketed under the name CytoGUARD ZOX, the new antioxidant is based on natural plant extracts of Mediterranean herbs and spices.

CytoGUARD ZOX is the latest addition to the company’s CytoGUARD line of food quality and shelf-life extension solutions. A recent study found the ingredient was highly effective at delaying oxidation in soybean oil while demonstrating comparable performance to TBHQ.

“If food manufacturers don’t address oxidation in oils, it eventually leads to rancidity causing product loss and resulting in health risks for consumers,” Mr. Bakal said. “Synthetic antioxidants like TBHQ are used extensively in the vegetable oil industry to control oxidative rancidity. However, a growing number of consumers want to see natural ingredients on the product label, and TBHQ doesn’t fit the requirement for clean label, natural foods.”