CORONA, CALIF. – Monster Beverage Corp. will introduce an alcoholic beverage under the Beast Unleashed brand in late 2022. The product will be a flavored malt beverage that will have 6% alcohol by volume and come in four flavors.

“Beast Unleashed will leverage Monster's brand equity while carving out its own unique space in the beverage alcohol sector and will be distinguishable from the many hard seltzer brands that have become so ubiquitous over the last several years,” said Rodney C. Sacks, co-chief executive officer and chairman, during an Aug. 4 conference call.

The launch will be through US beer distributors and be phased with the goal of having a national reach by the end of 2023. The products will come in 16-oz single-serve and a 12-packs of 12-oz cans varieties.

Mr. Sacks added that Monster’s alcoholic beverage pipeline is “robust” and additional innovation will be introduced in the future.

Earlier this year Monster Beverage acquired the Canarchy Craft Brewery Collective, Longmont, Colo., for $330 million. The company said the acquisition would be its springboard to enter the market for alcoholic beverages.