KANSAS CITY — Companies are adding better-for-you snacking options as consumers prepare for the new year and new resolutions.

Predicted trends for 2023 include consumers who are moving beyond the pandemic and are determined to take control of their health and enhance the health of the planet, all while allowing for comfort, self-care and indulgence.

Companies like sparkling water maker Spindrift are looking ahead to 2023 with new flavors. In its largest launch to date, the company released four new flavors, including a mocktail-inspired flavor and two iced tea flavors.

The nojito flavor, Spindrift’s take on the mojito cocktail, features lime and mint, while the tea-inspired flavors feature mango black tea and mint green tea.

“For us, 2023 is about continuing to innovate the beverage industry through incredible real ingredients,” said Bill Creelman, founder and chief executive officer of Spindrift. “We started by introducing real ingredients to the sparkling water aisle, we’re now focused on extending that same innovation and creativity to other beverage categories. We’re broadening our product offerings to provide consumers with delicious options for every occasion.”

Tattooed Chef is expanding its better-for-you options with oat butter bars, which are coming to shelves in January. The plant-based refrigerated bars have adaptogens, including ashwagandha, holy basil, reishi and vitamin D3, all of which have functional benefits, according to the company. Available in chocolate chip, brownie, peanut and graham flavors, the bars also have 12 to 14 grams of plant-based pea protein, no added sugar, soy or gluten.

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