ST. FRANCIS, WIS.— Wixon’s latest Wixon Innovates research dives into Middle Eastern cuisine.

Nearly 63% of consumers are interested in Middle Eastern cuisine, according to market researcher Datassential’s, SNAP! Keynote Global Flavors report.

The Wixon R&D team used the Middle Eastern Flavors Innovates research as a foundation for such food and beverage concepts as:

  • Mujadara Savory Trail Mix 
  • Baklava Pistachio Snack 
  • Urfa Biber + Pomegranate Fruit Leather 
  • Zhug Snack 
  • Middle Eastern Limonana 
  • Kofta Beef Jerky 

“After the initial exploration of cuisine, our Wixon Innovates research is used to develop concepts that provide flavor inspiration for our customers’ product development needs,” said Rachael Jarzembowski, marketing manager, Wixon. “It’s a collaborative process with our customers and our culinary and R&D teams. Since we are vertically integrated, we can craft custom solutions from our proprietary toolbox of spice and seasoning blends, flavors, and flavor technologies.”