REHOVOT, ISREAL — CarobWay, Ltd. has introduced a low glycemic index sweetener derived from whole carob fruit.

The sweetener includes various sugars, plus the polyol D-pinitol, as well as trace soluble fibers and polyphenols, according to the company.

“Our natural sugar replacer provides a holistic solution based on all the goodness found in carob,” said Udi Alroy, chief executive officer and co-founder of CarobWay. “You can plug it easily into almost any food and beverage application. Thanks to our extensive dendrological research, we chose specific varieties of the carob tree that grow locally and whose fruit provides a mild, pleasing caramel flavor. Many carob sweeteners can have a faint bitter note, but CarobWay’s sweetener is clean and flavorful. This zero-waste sweetener is made from deseeded pods and available as a syrup.”