CHICAGO — The Ferrara Candy Co., a business unit of Ferrero SpA, is acquiring Dori Alimentos, Marilia, Brazil, a manufacturer and distributor of sweets and snacks. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Brands included in the Dori Alimentos portfolio include Dori, Pettiz, Jubes, Gomets, Deliket, Disqueti, Yogurte 100, and Bolete. Product applications include chewing gum, gummies, chocolate candy, snack nuts and more.

In 2022, Dori Alimentos had sales of R$1.57 billion ($332 million). The retail channel comprises approximately 58% of sales followed by wholesale, business-to-business and exports. The company employs approximately 3,100.

“For many years, Ferrara has been a great inspiration for building Dori’s product portfolio and, perhaps because of this, they are similar and aligned companies,” said Vitor Barion, chairman of the board for Dori. “I am happy to see that Dori will be instrumental to the official expansion of Ferrara into Brazil, which will certainly provide the best path for the success of the business we have built.”

The acquisition is expected to close during the fourth quarter of 2023.