YAKIMA, WASH. — John I. Haas, Inc. and BarthHaas have formulated a new hop flavor for the cold side of beverage operations. HopKick is a hop-derived aqueous clear extract that provides flavor and aroma in beverages, beer and others, according to the company. 

HopKick may enhance beverages, such as seltzers, teas, and ready-to-drink cocktails, existing flavors even at low dosage rates, according to the company. At higher dose rates, the flavor may provide a variety-specific hop flavor and aroma, the company said.

HopKick is a water-soluble hop essence derived from a liquid hop extraction process and contains hop-derived components, which makes it a clean label ingredient, according to the company.

“We’ve been seeing this wave of seltzers, RTDs, hop waters, teas, and other products that are really blurring category lines,” said Shaelyn (Shae) Maloney, HAAS Brewing solutions specialist. “It’s as if brewers are moving toward becoming beverage companies, and we’re also seeing beverage companies break into the alcohol space. We wanted to develop a product that could fill that gap for those flavor applications while providing the quality, variety-specific hop flavors we’re known for.”

HopKick is available in Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado and Centennial hop varieties.