Food Entrepreneur KANSAS CITY — Emerging brands have an opportunity and a responsibility to solve some of the industry’s most pressing challenges, said Sam Kressler, principal at Stir Innovation, a Boulder, Colo.-based consumer packaged goods consulting firm.

In an episode of Well Fed by Food Entrepreneur, Mr. Kressler shared insights on innovating for a more sustainable food system, describing natural products companies as “the tip of the spear” in effecting change.

“If you’re starting a brand, I would say, think about where you want to be in a perfect world,” he said. “Every client of mine… I have four questions for them: Can you make it? Can you make money with it? Do people want it? What is your impact?”

He added, “As you’re formulating, where can you make those smarter choices from a sustainability and impact standpoint?”

He also discussed considerations for developing products with functional ingredients.

Tune into this episode of Well FEd by Food Entrepreneur for a wide-ranging conversation about all things food innovation.

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