GREEN BAY, WIS. — Non-alcoholic wine startup OJOY Wine Co. has launched OJOY Sparkling Blanc, the brand’s flagship product.

The canned beverage features 100% California wine run through OJOY’s dealcoholizing technology. Each glass of Sparkling Blanc contains 0.5% alcohol by volume, 15 calories, and flavor notes of apricot, black currant and citrus.

“When I stopped drinking alcohol, I found myself yearning for a high-quality NA wine that tasted as good as ordinary wine,” said Marc Wendt, founder and chief executive officer of OJOY. “We launched the brand to offer an option to wine lovers that delivers on taste without the typical downsides ordinary wine can have — headaches, hangovers and dehydration.”

OJOY’s Sparkling Blanc is now available in 8-count and 4-count packages of 355 ml cans online through Amazon.