HANFORD, CALIF. — Central Valley Meat Holding Co. said it plans to acquire Cargill Meat Solutions’ beef processing plant in Fresno, Calif., for an undisclosed amount. Central Valley officials said the deal will expand its processing capacity and allow it to meet market demand in the region by providing a processing option to beef and dairy cattle producers there.

The company plans to capitalize on Cargill’s expertise and resources to ensure it is able to adapt and serve customers as demands and expectations evolve. Central Valley said the deal allows it to increase operational efficiency and innovation up and down its supply chain.

Central Valley’s newest facility was purchased by Cargill in 2006, from Beef Packers Inc. Cargill said the plant processes approximately 1,600 head per day and employs about 1,000 workers. Current workers at the plant will have the opportunity to continue working after Central Valley assumes ownership.

“Both companies are committed to retaining as many employees as possible and retaining beef processing capacity,” Central Valley said.

Cargill also operates a ground beef and hamburger patty plant in Fresno, which was part of the deal.

“The ground beef facility was included in the sale and is being leased back to Cargill where it will continue to operate,” Central Valley said.

“Our decision to acquire the Cargill Meat Solutions beef processing facility in Fresno, Calif., aligns with our long-term vision of strengthening our offerings to better serve the needs of our customers,” said Brian Coelho, chief executive officer and owner of Central Valley. “We’re excited to work alongside cattle producers in the state and region to continue delivering quality beef products for our customers and consumers.”

In 2019, Central Valley Meat Co. acquired Harris Ranch Beef Co. in Selma. It also operates Central Valley Meat in Hanford, CLW Foods in Los Angeles and Harris Ranch Feeding in Coalinga.