DELFT, THE NETHERLANDS — Savory food producers around the world may reduce the carbon dioxide footprint of the yeast extracts they use by 81%, according to a report published July 1 by DSM Food Specialties. The savings may be realized by using Multirome LS from DSM Food Specialties in place of low salt basic yeast extracts in savory products such as soups, ready meals, cured meats, sauces and dressings.

According to DSM Food Specialties, the 81% reduction worldwide would be equivalent to almost 85,000 automobile trips around the world or the annual footprint of almost 53,000 people in Europe.

Multirome LS is a low salt yeast extract that generates umami taste. Savory food producers may save up to 50% on their yeast extract costs by using Multirome LS. In the production of Multirome LS, enzyme technology generates more taste components in raw materials. The report may be viewed at