NEW YORK — FLUROwater, a maker of nutrient-infused bottled water, has finalized its board of directors, naming Greg Rayburn, former chairman and chief executive officer of Hostess Brands, Inc., as its new chairman. Mr. Rayburn will be joined on the board by Joe Trippi, Linn Evans, Greg Hunter, Steve Dollase and Lourenco Tigre.

“It was imperative to our company’s growth that a diverse board of proven leaders was chosen,” said Todd O’Gara, founder and c.e.o. of FLUROwater.

Mr. Rayburn has held a number of leadership roles. Prior to his role at Hostess, he worked at Magna Entertainment, Syntax-Brillian, International Outsourcing Services, Muzak Holdings WorldCom, and Sunterra Corp. Mr. Rayburn is a frequent contributor to both Bloomberg TV and Fox Business News and is the founder and managing partner of restructuring firm, Kobi Partners.

“FLUROwater is an amazing brand with a great vision that I am truly passionate about,” Mr. Rayburn said. “I’m honored to have a share in furthering the company’s growth.”

FLUROwater offers bottled water infused with 14 nutrients. It contains no sugar, preservatives, or dyes. Each bottle has 6 grams of fiber and less than 10 calories per serving. FLUROwater is available in four flavors: dark cherry, kiwi cucumber, Macoun apple and watermelon raspberry.