AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS — UTZ Certified has set a goal of making 50% of the world’s total coffee, cocoa and tea production sustainable in the next decade. Utz Certified has developed sustainability models for cocoa and tea, and it provides traceability services for R.S.P.O. (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified sustainable palm oil and the Better Cotton Initiative. The goal was unveiled as part of UTZ Certified’s 10th anniversary seminar “Eye on the Future” that took place Oct. 10 in Amsterdam. The event brought together different stakeholders to discuss UTZ and the future role and position of the program within certification.

In setting its goal, UTZ Certified said it expects to further expand by “scaling up, increasing industry commitment and above all building a solid network of farmers, civil societies, NGOs and other relevant players in the supply chain.”

“By combining high-tech approached with the power of nature, UTZ intends to build further on more resilient agricultural practices, increased output, reduced footprints and improved livelihoods for farmers,” the organization said.