Varieties include chipotle sandwich flats.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Rich Products Corp. has introduced a new line of 10 retail-packaged, premium flatbread products under its Our Specialty brand. The new items include traditional flatbread products such as original naan, original pita, wheat pita, white Sandwich Flats and multigrain Sandwich Flats. In addition, Our Specialty has extended the brand’s lineup to include garlic cheese naan, original rustic Flats, Italian herb Flats, chipotle Flats, and garlic and herb pizza crust.

“These innovative Our Specialty products give shoppers more opportunities to customize their meals,” said Courtney Erickson, associate marketing manager, Customer Shopper Marketing, Rich Products Corp. “It could be a warm sandwich with your favorite ingredients tucked inside a folded-up chipotle Flat, or a homemade pizza featuring the garlic and herb pizza crust. With so many options available, bakery and deli operators and their customers are sure to be impressed by this exceptional portfolio of flatbreads.”

Citing a study released by Nielsen Perishables Group in 2013, Ms. Erickson said there has been a steady shift in consumer preference from regular sandwich bread to flatbreads, tortillas and European-style bread.

“In addition to the soft, chewy consistency of hearth-baked flatbreads that shoppers have been gravitating toward, the versatility of flatbreads also has contributed to this considerable sandwich makeover in the industry,” she explained. “With U.S. flatbread sales continually on the rise, Rich’s saw the opportunity to provide our in-store bakery and deli customers with one-of-a-kind products that will not only meet demand, but also encourage repeat sales.

“The new Our Specialty varieties go well beyond the traditional pita and naan, combining on-trend bread alternatives with unique flavor combinations. Through this range of products, we’re giving shoppers the customizable flatbreads they crave, plus delicious tastes that can increase their mealtime enjoyment.”

Ms. Erickson said the minimal preparation involved with the Our Specialty array of flatbreads should please store operators. Shipped frozen and in retail-ready packaging, the flatbreads may be thawed and immediately placed on bakery shelves or in other store displays.

Sold in quantities ranging from three to six flatbread items per individual package, the new Our Specialty flatbread varieties are priced from $2.99 to $3.49 each.