KANSAS CITY — Culinary companies are converging to create new menu items that offer consumers the best of both worlds.

Church’s Chicken and Texas Pete have partnered to create Church’s Texas Pete Tender Strips. Featuring Church’s hand-battered, all-white-meat Tender Strips dusted with Texas Pete seasoning, this chicken offers a three-pepper heat.

“We know how much people love spicy chicken and both brands have perfected spicy,” said Adam Tabachnikoff, vice-president of Activation and Product Marketing at Church’s.

Taco Bell teamed up with Wrigley to offers its new Starburst Cherry Freeze. The frozen drink features the cherry flavor and red color of a cherry Starburst.

Two more big brands blend to create Schlotzsky’s and Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Dippers. These sandwiches, paired with signature sauces, feature Schlotzsky’s meats, cheeses and toppings served on Auntie Anne’s pretzel buns. The Pretzel Dippers come in four varieties: The Beef Chief, The Hogfather, The Big Cheese, and The Ham Dunk.

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