Israeli company introduces Mankai, a vegetable protein ingredient sourced from aqua-culture.

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — Hinoman, Ltd. will launch Mankai, a branded vegetable protein ingredient sourced from aquaculture, at the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and food exposition July 11-14 in Chicago. Mankai is sourced from the mankhai vegetable, which is less than one-fifth of an inch long. The vegetable’s small size allows it to be incorporated more easily into food or beverage applications, according to Israeli-based Hinoman.

The mankhai vegetable is native to Southeast Asia. Hinoman uses hydroponic technology to grow the product faster and without pesticides while reaching a protein content of at least 45% by dry weight, according to the company.

The Mankai ingredient contains vitamin A, vitamin E, the B vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. It may work in products designed for paleo and vegan diets, said Udi Alroy, vice-president of marketing and development for Hinoman.