Corbion Caravan's Function Plus 150W system replaces 50-100% of egg whites in sweet baked foods.

LENEXA, KAS. — Corbion Caravan has introduced the Function Plus 150W system, which has been shown to replace 50% to 100% of egg whites in sweet baked foods.

“With Function Plus 150W, Corbion Caravan customers can easily lower their product costs while still producing delicious baked goods that have the resilience, strength, volume and structure their consumers want,” said Kathy Sargent, manager, sweet goods.

In testing, the system’s formulation of specialized whey proteins, gums, enzymes and emulsifiers worked in a variety of sweet baked foods, including cakes and chemically leavened batters. The system is not designed to be a high whip solution for angel food cakes.

Function Plus 150 has been shown to replace both liquid and powdered egg. It may be added directly to the mixer with other dry ingredients.

“As a drop-in replacement, Function Plus 150W is a quick, useful fix for an immediate market need,” Ms. Sargent said. “It’s one more way for Corbion Caravan to help the bakery industry cope with the ongoing egg shortage and rising prices.”

Corbion Caravan also offers whole egg replacers and egg extenders.