Maple syrup output graph
Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture

WASHINGTON — U.S. maple syrup production in 2016 soared 23% from last year to a record 4,207,000 gallons, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said in its June Crop Production report.

The number of taps also was record high at 12,550,000, up 5% from 2015, the U.S.D.A. said. Average yield per tap was 0.335 gallons, up 17% from last year.

Output in top-producing Vermont was a record high 1,990,000 gallons, up 41% from 2015 and equal to 47% of total U.S. production. New York was a distant second at 707,000 gallons, up 18% from 2015.

The season ran from Jan. 1 to Feb. 15 and averaged 33 days, up from 26 days in 2015. Warmer-than-normal temperatures encouraged early tapping, the U.S.D.A. said.

The average price of maple syrup in 2015 was $36.70 per gallon, up 30c from 2014. Total production in 2015 was valued at $126 million, up 8% from a year earlier.