Aspirations in action

The five aspirations are what drive the company’s day-to-day culture, and they set Clif Bar apart as an employer. At the Emeryville, Calif., headquarters, people enjoy benefits such as free use of a full gym, fitness classes and trainers, as well as massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and even salon services, all on premise, in an effort to help staff maintain work-life balance and have a place where they feel happy about coming to work. White Road Academy and White Road Expedition take training and career development to new levels.

A three-dimensional mural in the corporate office space, the Clif Corps Wall, visibly demonstrates a commitment to community by mapping out the company’s overall community service hours, with its goal of 11,440 hours annually. People are encouraged to donate at least 20 hours of service per year, which may be done during work hours.

“Imagine not having to give up your Saturday just to give back to the community,” Ms. Freitas said.

Clif Bar products - Clif Bar, Clif Minis, Clif Kids ZBars, Clif Nut Butter Filled Bars
Clif Bar Baking Co. of Twin Falls will produce Clif Bars, Clif Kid ZBars, Clif Minis and the new Clif Bar Nut Butter Filled bars.

The Emeryville headquarters, a brownfield building, embodies Clif Bar’s “planet aspirations” and sustainability efforts. It took over the location in 2010 and made improvements such as solar panels and open work space, as well as the use of Forest Stewardship Council-certified and reclaimed wood for fixtures. It features a drop ceiling of acoustic panels made from recycled blue jeans. All these elements and more make it the kind of “green” building that suits the Clif Bar & Co. brand.

With a thriving and sustainable corporate culture and a brand that resonates with consumers and communities across the country, the company’s aspirations are in action beyond Emeryville; Clif Bar is once again breaking away and changing the race. And as the company approaches its 25th anniversary in 2017, it took the same approach when it built its first bakery, known as Clif Bar Baking Co. of Twin Falls, where it will produce Clif Bars, Clif Kid ZBars, Clif Minis and the new Clif Bar Nut Butter Filled bars.

Rich Berger, Clif Bar & Co.
Rich Berger, vice-president of engineering for Clif Bar

“The Clif Bar values have come to life in the first bakery we’ve built from the ground up,” said Rich Berger, vice-president of engineering. “Clif Bar began crafting the vision for this beautiful bakery and its unique design long before breaking ground. We also carefully planned the timing of this capacity to meet our growing demand for our products.”