Golden Peanut and Tree Nut harvest
Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts is making improvements to offer a faster, more efficient service.

ALPHARETTA, GA. — Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts, a subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Co., is investing in infrastructure upgrades to improve speed and efficiency in handling farmer stock, the company said April 5. The upgrades should be in place for the 2017 harvest season.

“Our customers and suppliers have always counted on Golden Peanut’s great logistics, and now we’re making the system even better,” said Grant Belden, vice-president of North American shelling for Alpharetta-based Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts. “We are investing across the board in additional drying vans, increasing our drying capacity by 13%. We’re installing new cleaners and handling equipment as we focus on operational excellence. We’re modernizing our buying point in Donalsonville, Ga., by making major improvements in truck dumping and cleaning capabilities. Taken together, the result will be faster, more efficient service throughout our system for farmers and customers alike.”

Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts also will offer marketing services to farmers as well as access to grain elevators, transportation and warehouse facilities. Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts will work with Agrible, Inc. to offer its grower suppliers a free subscription to Agrible’s Morning Farm Report 2017 Grower AgriBundle, which provides tools to assist with forecasting yields, planning field operations, reducing waste and saving money.