Otis Spunkmeyer bakery
The Alsip, Ill., bakery is one of six North American Aryzta facilities that bake Otis Spunkmeyer foods.

The future looks bright

The 101,000-square-ft Alsip bakery has plenty of room to grow as Otis Spunkmeyer increases its presence in the grab-and-go and c-store channel.

“We could potentially duplicate this production line three or four times if we need to,” he said.

Growing Otis Spunkmeyer into the future includes building off the No Funky Stuff success and taking it full bore into snacking and convenience. “We’re seeing that when it comes to snacking, consumers want to buy foods with better-for-you ingredients, no matter where they are,” Ms. Grace said.

From an R.&D. perspective, Mr. Davis sees plenty of opportunity in the snacking and grab-and-go segments. “I’d love to take the cookies that everybody knows and offer them in a way that can go into lunchboxes or snacks,” he said. “This is an indulgence, but it’s one with a level of transparency.”

And transparency is something that goes deeper than the ingredient list for Otis Spunkmeyer. It’s what the brand promises its customers and consumers and expects from its own vendors.

“People crave sweets; that won’t change,” Ms. Kim said. “Otis Spunkmeyer’s No Funky Stuff sweets offer a better snacking option for consumers, and that’s something that everyone can feel good about.”