PARSIPPANY, N.J. — Post Foods, L.L.C. is reaching out to children with the introduction of Post Sesame Street Cereal, a whole grain oat-based cereal available in two varieties: A is for Apple and B is for Banana.

The cereals provide two-thirds of a toddler’s daily whole grains (16 grams of whole grains per 20-gram serving), as well as nutrients to support healthy brain development. Both varieties have 1 gram of sugar per serving and contain no artificial flavors.

“As a doctor who is also a mom to two young children, I’m thrilled to find a product that is a healthy option for my kids and was created with their specific nutritional and functional needs in mind,” said Roshini Raj, consulting physician for Post Sesame Street Cereal. “The whole grain content and fortification of nutrients like choline, iron and zinc are essential to a growing toddler’s diet.”

Post said the “X” and “O” shapes in each box are designed specifically for children to easily grasp and are formulated to melt in a toddler’s mouth quickly for safe and easy consumption. Each box also features educational activities on the back, encouraging number and letter skills.