LAS VEGAS — Horizon Milling, L.L.C. unveiled new sprouted white spring whole wheat flour as well as Italian-style flour and a defatted wheat germ ingredient Oct. 7 at I.B.I.E. in Las Vegas.

The sprouted flour is designed to help bakers meet consumers’ growing interest in alternative whole grain products while also achieving better bake performance, according to Minneapolis-based Horizon Milling, a joint venture between Cargill and CHS.

“We know a progressive segment of whole grain consumers are very passionate about sprouted grains,” said Nikki Cole, marketing manager at Horizon Milling. “That’s what drew us to the space. Yet, our focus has been centered on elevating bake performance and believe the functional benefits that arise during sprouting will be what bakers are most excited about. As both consumers and bakers learn more, we expect the popularity of sprouted products to grow.”

Horizon Milling’s sprouted white spring whole wheat flour performed better than its non-sprouted counterpart on several baking measurements, including greater loaf volume and reduced proofing times.

The Primo Mulino Italian-style flour is available from a North American supply and is designed for use in pizza crust, flatbreads, Italian-style bread and crackers.

“Primo Mulino Italian-style flour is a premium flour blend perfect for restaurants and mom and pop pizzerias looking to make great tasting pizza crusts and Italian-style breads that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, just like their patrons would experience in Italy,” said William Hale, business development leader at Horizon Milling. “However, customers don’t have to deal with the supply chain challenges common with Italian imports.”

Mixed with hard, spring and soft wheat, the Italian-style flour is finely milled. Its high protein content produces soft, supple dough, according to Horizon Milling. The flour has benefits in mixing tolerance and water absorption, and it works well with long fermentation.

The defatted wheat germ ingredient, according to Horizon Milling, may help bakers and snack manufacturers achieve full flavor in grain-based foods that are rich in protein and fiber. The ingredient, produced when the oil has been extracted from raw wheat germ, is shelf stable and available in a range of colors, from light tan to dark brown. Possible product applications include bagels, bread, cereal, cookies, crackers, donuts, granola mixes, pretzels, snack bars and tortillas.

“Defatted wheat germ delivers a unique proposition by providing protein, fiber and great taste and texture,” Mr. Hale said. “This multidimensional ingredient offers more than 26% protein, approximately 15% fiber and a multitude of vitamins and minerals. Defatted wheat germ improves nutrition, enhances flavor and enriches the texture of the end product.”