WESTCHESTER, ILL. — Ingredion, Inc. plans to introduce its Weightain satiety management ingredient based on whole grains during SupplySide West Nov. 14-15 in Las Vegas. By suppressing people’s hunger urge, Weightain is able to reduce calorie intake by about 50 to 100 calories per day, according to Westchester-based Ingredion. The ingredient has been shown to work in low-moisture baked goods, such as bars, as well as soups and smoothies.

The proprietary, gluten-free ingredient leverages Ingredion’s high-amylose resistant starch, whole grains, hydrocolloids and composite technology. The starch fermentation in the colon triggers satiety, decreasing feelings of hunger. Increased gastrointestinal viscosity prolongs absorption, reducing calorie consumption. Whole grains delay digestion, reducing hunger pangs.

“According to research from Gallup’s satiety survey and Ingredion proprietary research, over 33% of American consumers are aware of the concept of satiety, and 45% to 55% are aware of foods and beverages that help them feel full for longer,” said Lorraine Niba, global director of nutrition for Ingredion. “But 22% of consumers look to whole grain-based products to help them satisfy their hunger. Weightain satiety ingredient empowers food and supplement manufacturers to give consumers a natural, clinically substantiated choice in calorie reduction.”