WESTCHESTER, ILL.  — Ingredion, Inc. has introduced Vitessence Pulse 1803 organic pea protein isolate for use in applications such as nutrition and sports bars, alternative meat and alternative dairy products, powdered and ready-to-drink beverages, and baked foods and baking mixes. The ingredient is characterized by a smooth, creamy texture and a flavor low in raw and green notes, according to Westchester-based Ingredion.

The ingredient contains a minimum of 80% protein. Quality Assurance International, San Diego, has certified it as organic through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program. Vitessence Pulse 1803 may replace allergens such as dairy and eggs, and it supports gluten-free claims.

“Vitessence Pulse 1803 organic pea protein isolate is not only an important step forward for Ingredion’s new growth platform but underscores our commitment to accelerating plant-based protein production globally,” said Yadu Dar, Ingredion’s director, strategic business development and alliance management. “This means manufacturers now have access to a high-functioning, organic, plant-based protein with a safe and reliable supply, enabling them to create high-protein products that meet and exceed consumer expectations.”