TULSA, OKLA. — Milo’s Tea Co., a manufacturer, distributor and marketer of fresh-brewed teas and lemonades, recently broke ground on a new manufacturing and distribution center in Tulsa. Milo’s said it will invest $60 million to build the 108,000-square-foot facility and to install manufacturing equipment to provide additional production capacity.

“From our initial visit, Tulsa felt like our second home,” said Patricia Wallwork, chief executive officer. “Since our founding more than 73 years ago in Alabama, Milo’s proudly remains a family-owned business. We are equally proud to plant new roots in the greater Tulsa region.”

Founded as a hamburger shop in 1946 by Milo and Bea Carlton, Milo’s has grown rapidly in recent years, expanding its distribution from 13 states prior to 2014 to 45 states currently.

“It became critical to construct a second production facility to continue our exponential growth,” Ms. Wallwork said. “Tulsa’s family-centric culture, innovative workforce and optimal location for the mass distribution of goods is fundamental in the expansion of our geographic footprint.”

The new facility is scheduled to be operational in September 2020.