lAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. — Coconut water from iTi Tropicals may be used as a base in a variety of products, including tropical drinks, teas, sauces, cocktails and smoothies. It may serve as a standalone beverage or be used as a cooking medium, broth or marinade.

It also may be combined with cold-brew coffee to create a hydrating, energizing beverage that contains both caffeine and electrolytes.

Containing five essential electrolytes, including more potassium than a banana, iTi said coconut water is regarded as a “natural sports drink.”

The company supplies single-strength coconut water, coconut water concentrate and organic coconut water concentrate. The products are 100% natural and are free from G.M.O.s and artificial color, flavors and preservatives. Coconut water contains no added sugars, fat, or cholesterol and is significantly lower in calories than many other juices, iTi said.